What is Newstoss?

Newstoss is an E-Paper which gives readers easy access to daily news in brief. We aim to maximize soft delivery of news than paper delivery. Trees are a vital and important natural resource. Also, it is fast diminishing. Trees absorb carbon dioxide which contributes to global warming. Providing an E-Paper, is our companys small step towards creating a greener planet.

Stay connected

Newstoss ensures the delivery of latest global news and covers all the topics like Entertainment, business, politics etc. We, at Newstoss are currently concentrating on news delivery on social media like Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up with the world, while you are on the go.

Focus on Commercialisation

Soon we will be launching our Android and iOS applications so that it is easier for our readers to access. At our E-Paper, newstossing is done non-stop so that our readers are facilitated with latest news from around the globe and getting the insight first.

Saying it as it is

Newstoss provides daily news in easy English and straightforward reporting of the news in a gist. We do not manipulate the news or change it in any way to mislead our readers.

Deep technical and market understanding

We have a strong development team with qualified and experienced personnel. Our team carries out extensive research of events across the world to provide our readers with knowledge on the subject.

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